Week 7



I think I look so different in these two pictures even though it was the same day, before and after a round of mini-golf.



First camping trip of the year. It was so hot and humid that my hair curled! We had tons of fun though playing games and talking. I love family time disconnected from electronics.


Beautiful sky. I love summer. Went for a long bike ride today and ended up at the bmx park. He rode, I watched đŸ™‚


Absolutely rotten day today. Problems with my back again and have to stop exercising. But worse yet, the place we really wanted and put all our hopes in was rented out from under us the day we were going to look at it, prepared to sign. We wallowed in our bad mood for the morning and then decided to suck it up and find a reason to smile. Off to the pool we went to soak up some sun.


Dress and no makeup. Learning to realize I don’t have to try so hard just to go buy groceries. I still like makeup, but I don’t feel I need it every day anymore.


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