Week 5

No more days, just pictures from the week 🙂



Tonight was supposed to be a social gathering but I had an anxiety attack so we went to dinner alone and watched movies after. So mad at myself for letting it get that bad, but we had a great night. Thankful to have a man that never makes me feel bad. I need to get a handle on this anxiety and that means losing weight and continuing to work on accepting myself.


What was supposed to be a delayed anniversary date did not exactly go according to plan. Holiday weekend meant everything was either closed or had special events going on. We made it a great day though, regardless…even if we did eat way too much pizza.


I remembered that I actually like to sweat! Did 35 minutes on the elliptical, which is amazing considering I could barely make it 5 minutes a couple of months ago.


A day in the sun, enjoying a book while lil man played with his friends.


Return of Couch to 5k this week. I love jogging on the trails. 1. Its quiet, peaceful, and softer and 2. I don’t have to feel self conscious because there are not a lot of people back there.


The increase in exercise has brought me so much joy. I feel better physically and emotionally.


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