Week 4

Day 22:


Today I started the process of cleaning and organizing to get ready for the big move that is sneaking up on us. I ended up stalling for a while to look through the box of yearbooks, scrapbooks, and memories. I found so many treasures and had some really great laughs at those yearbooks. I just had to put my flower bra on from a luau I had a few summers ago. That was such a fun time and I felt so cute in my outfit 🙂

Day 23:

You know how you think you look good and then you sit down and all the bulges show up? I hate that. So today’s picture is an honest look at the seated me. It may very well be the only one in existence lol.

P.S. Don’t mind the mess, I was in the process of cleaning out my closet and bedroom to downsize before the big move.

Day 24:
Spent today playing outside and playing games with my son and boyfriend on a rare day off school. Had tons of fun.

Day 25:
Went on a bike ride to a couple parks to play thus evening. When I finally found some shade, I couldn’t resist making myself comfortable 🙂

Day 26:
Ok, I admit I forgot to take a picture today. But I took this a couple days ago of my irises in bloom in the backyard. Beautiful.

Day 27:
Today has been a seriously lazy day. Got nothing accomplished and it felt great.

Day 28:

New hair and finally have contacts again! Its amazing how those things can make me feel so much more confident. I hated wearing my glasses and doing so took a toll on my self esteem (as if it could take any more blows). Looking forward to wearing this smile a lot more often now.


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