Week 3

Day 15:


Today I was surprised by this beautiful delivery of flowers from my boyfriend. A day before our one year anniversary. How can I possibly be down today?

Day 16:



Spent today with my son, boyfriend, mom, and sisters because it happened to be both Mother’s Day and our anniversary. Good times, good food, good laughs. What more can a girl ask for?

Day 17:



Forgot to take a picture until the last minute today so it was late and I was doing homework. Still took it though. Honest. Me.

Day 18:



A beautiful day today! Sitting outside while my son plays with his friends and I enjoy some reading. One of my favorite parts of summer weather.

Day 19:



Played with the camera today and took a lot of pictures. This is one of my favorites. Instead of focusing on pictures I do not like because of various factors, I decided to take some pictures that  I do like to remind myself that I am beautiful.

Day 20:



I do not play with my webcam often so today I decided to. It allows me to get a little more than just my face in a picture. Today was one of those days that I really didn’t feel like taking a picture, but I did.

Day 21:



I was a lazy bum today. Enjoying one of the only days a week that I have nothing to do. Laying around watching some movies.



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