Week 2

Day 8:


Such a great summer day. Bike ride with the kiddos to Grandma’s house to spend some time outside. Unfortunately, due to a medication side effect, I got burnt. Still a great day though.

Day 9:


After a weekend away, I came home to my phlox blooming 🙂 So beautiful. Reminded me of another thing I love (and that I need to pull some weeds because spring has finally sprung).  I am realizing that looking at the things I love is looking at a part of me.

Day 10:


My favorite days are Mondays. (Not something everyone can say.)  I get to spend them with my boyfriend and I love quality time with him because we do not get to see each other nearly enough. Then the afternoon and evening is family time, which is equally wonderful. Today we grabbed some lunch and then hit the trails for a quick 1 mile walk. I love being outside and it is that much better when I get to hold his hand. Combine that with catching him staring all day and telling me how beautiful I am and it was just a fantastic day.

Day 11:


Ok, seriously. Cute today. Biked 5.5 miles then got all cleaned up and spent the evening in the park with my lil man. Nothing better.

Day 12:


Decided to finally make one of these. I made one in April but then my phone broke on me and I had to get a replacement. Something real and honest to compare back to. And you know what? I am not perfect but I actually do not  hate these pictures. I just see me now. (The high from another 5 mile ride probably helped)

Day 13:



My absolute favorite trees in the front yard are starting to bloom today. I just love walking outside and being bombarded with the sweet smell of these flowers. I will miss them when we move, which makes me appreciate them that much more. Funny how that works.

Day 14:



Little man had to get some dental work done today so he got to miss the rest of the day at school. Unfortunately it rained and was cold and windy so we could not really go do anything fun outside, so instead we cuddled up on the couch to watch some movies. I have to admit that not getting outside and riding was really hard for me. I guess that is a good sign.

Looking forward to a great weekend ahead!


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