Day 4

Day 4 (4/30/2013).


Went on an almost 5 mile walk today and when I walked by this building I instantly remembered a moment from my childhood. This used to be the public pool. I couldn’t have been more than 8 and it is the first time I remember feeling bad about my body. I was not a fat child. Not even chubby. But, like most people, I had a roll in my tummy when I sat down. I remember sitting there on the bench in my bathing suit, waiting for the pool to open and when I looked to my side, two girls were squeezing their tummies to make rolls and giggling at my expense. It was the first time I thought that maybe there was something wrong with me. It is not something I think about or something that haunts me, but as I walked by I instantly thought of it and decided to snap the picture.


And after getting home and showering, I took a very honest picture. No makeup, hair not styled, straight on rather than a flattering angle. Just me. Do I love everything? Of course not. Is it my favorite picture of myself? No. Does it change who I am? Not unless I allow it to.


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